body movin'
a one sound, and it sounds so...
By: Long Pham

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Thursday, 29-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the mail, the mail, the the the mail.

the box.
whoa, hella ghetto.
there it is, an e-reader for the brother.
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so yeah, the one mail in the box came yesterday, i was just to lazy to put it online.

the hello kitty stationary set is something i ordered from my little brother's book order. remember those? back in elementary school, they came in like, 2 weeks. s'all good.
i asked him if his friend's laughed at him, for buying hello kitty products. he's all, no, i told them my SISTER bought it. i was like, aww man, thats messed up.

whatever, i got my products, and i'm satisfied.

only thing i'm madd about is that i didn't get my Battle Royale dvd today!!!
i am so un-godly pissed. stupid people, i guess monday didn't count as a....shipping day. if it doesn't come tomorrow, there'll be hell to pay.

check it out.

Wednesday, 28-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the update.

christ man.
2 days.
just some quick-ies.

eww, see that....leg? thats my little brother's dry ass leg. disgusting.

then theres a screen shot of me beating a game, metroid fusion. nice.

finally, theres this thing i got in the mail. its a pin, i think by a vodka distributor that goes by the name of "shakers". looks cool, its a penguin.

Tuesday, 20-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

package, unopened.
ta-da! the only things in the package.
zero dollars?!?
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oh man, i got my dvd today.
took like....a week. what a deal!!!
oh man!@!@!
i am so excited, must watch all day. good bye world!

Friday, 16-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the....update. never daily, monthly, or weekly.

this is me, up close, like the hair?
this is just....something i thought looked cool. it was 6am.
a cup. don't ask?
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well uh, these are just some pictures that i've been meaning to get out, but just too lazy.

first off, my hair, i took it when it looked ever-so nice. it looks

then theres me doing a retarded smile, boy do i look bloated, guess i shouldn't of puffed out my cheeks. whatever.

then theres my lighter, first refilling it, then lighting it. after first filling it, the fire can go to twice that length.

my gameboy, i like it. i like hello kitty. i like hello kitty with a band aid.

my brother son is somewhere in there. always with the watching of the tv.

then theres a scarf i got from andy's sister. do you think it's too "girly"? i like it, but what does society think.

and....thats it.

oh yeah, see that thing in the pan, my grandparents eat that. they're some sort of bugs. don't they look delicious!~!

now, that is it.

Friday, 19-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
happy christmas.

well, its christmas time.
and i got my gift from my secret santa.
here it is, a t-shirt from hot topic.
which is really cool, but....
the word, "represent" just totally destroys the whole atmosphere of the shirt.
it shoulda just been left alone.

hot topic. here i come.

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